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2019 SSR Events & Conference Schedule


SSR will be making various appearances throughout the year to engage with the community and show support for the use of porcine materials and other co-products. We are the largest supplier of sow derived porcine materials in the US. Because of our history of working with high-quality and high-volume porcine materials, our services and products span a range of fields including biomedical research, life sciences, nutraceuticals and animal technology.


SSR is the reliable partner for high-quality porcine materials and sow co-products sourced and prepared for commercial or research applications across a variety of sectors and industries. We’re always looking for partners to help create innovative, sustainable solutions that benefit a wide range of human and animal needs. We can work with interested groups as a supplier, industry partner and other joint ventures. We take great pride in being flexible with our partners and exceeding their expectations.

Below is our 2019 conference schedule, divided by industry. While we may not be exhibiting at these shows, we are still available to meet. We look forward to connecting with you!


Life Sciences

Medical Device Strategic Sourcing – May 2-3rd

Bio International – June 3-6th



Super Zoo – August 20-22nd



Reciprocal Meats Conference – June 23-26th


If you have any other questions about our products, services or partnership opportunities, please contact Jessica Freeman at or Lauren Sammel at

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Porcine Materials Play an Important Role in Medical Care and Innovation


Pigs play an important role in the overall health and wellness of millions of people around the world. While harvesting pigs for food is a commonly known practice, what the general population might not see is the benefit of processing pigs after they have been harvested for food. Porcine materials and other pig co-products are used in a wide variety of industries that positively affect humans and other animals. One of the biggest ways pigs play an important role in our lives is through their use in biomedical research. Porcine materials are used to make advances in medical sciences and patient care.


Pigs have had a wide use in the medical field due to their similarities with humans. Pig organs are very similar to our own, and their internal systems are alike as well. Since they are omnivores like us, pig organs function in a comparable manner to human organs, and pigs can also experience some of the same medical issues we do. Because of these striking similarities, porcine materials are often used in medical devices to treat various injuries or conditions   in  human beings.


In the field of transplant surgery, where rejection is always a potential issue, porcine materials are being used to help minimize rejection issues with patients using decellularized tissues and ECM (extracellular matrix) scaffolds. These items give doctors the basic tools and structures to minimize transplant rejection. Decellularized tissues and ECM scaffolds are essentially building blocks that doctors can use to bioengineer other tissues and internal structures that can be used in tissue grafting and other regenerative therapies. Medical devices and therapies using porcine materials have an increased rate of success due to the compatibility of pig co-products. With further research and innovation with porcine materials, restorative therapies and transplant methodologies will make the healing  process for many patients even easier.


SSR Lifesciences derives excellent porcine materials for development of  many high-quality medical products. We can source, prepare and deliver customized items in large volumes according to client specifications. From medical training, R&D, pharmaceuticals and medical device development, SSR Lifesciences can partner with you for your research or commercial needs. Please contact Jessica Freeman at or Lauren Sammel at to set up an introductory meeting.

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Benefits of Porcine Co-products


Pork is an important source of food and nutrition worldwide, but many people don’t realize just how far pork materials can benefit their daily lives other than a delicious meal. The porcine materials harvested and created in the making of meat products highly impact the health and wellness of humans and other animals.


Sustainability is a key issue. If pigs were only harvested for the products you see at the grocery store, there would be about 40 % wasted materials. However, sustainable harvesting practices make use of the entire animal, and the uses of porcine co-products are astounding. With responsible farming practices, all parts of an animal have a use and value.


The uses of porcine co-products benefit many fields and industries:

Biomedical research


Animal feed science and technology

Life sciences

Consumer goods


A wide variety of industries utilize and benefit from porcine co-products.  A single pig can be used to make over 150 different products that increase the quality of life for millions of people and animals around the world.


SSR is a sustainable supplier of sow materials and co-products. We can source, prepare and deliver customized items in large volumes according to client specifications. We promote the responsible use of porcine materials to advance academic research and medical training. We can partner with you as a supplier, industry partner or joint venture partner for your research or commercial needs. Please contact Jessica Freeman at or Lauren Sammel at to setup an introductory meeting.

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