Benefits of porcine co-products

Benefits of Porcine Co-products


Pork is an important source of food and nutrition worldwide, but many people don’t realize just how far pork materials can benefit their daily lives other than a delicious meal. The porcine materials harvested and created in the making of meat products highly impact the health and wellness of humans and other animals.


Sustainability is a key issue. If pigs were only harvested for the products you see at the grocery store, there would be about 40 % wasted materials. However, sustainable harvesting practices make use of the entire animal, and the uses of porcine co-products are astounding. With responsible farming practices, all parts of an animal have a use and value.


The uses of porcine co-products benefit many fields and industries:

Biomedical research


Animal feed science and technology

Life sciences

Consumer goods


A wide variety of industries utilize and benefit from porcine co-products.  A single pig can be used to make over 150 different products that increase the quality of life for millions of people and animals around the world.


SSR is a sustainable supplier of sow materials and co-products. We can source, prepare and deliver customized items in large volumes according to client specifications. We promote the responsible use of porcine materials to advance academic research and medical training. We can partner with you as a supplier, industry partner or joint venture partner for your research or commercial needs. Please contact Jessica Freeman at or Lauren Sammel at to setup an introductory meeting.