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Sustaining Our Environment and Industry

SSR stands for Sustainable Swine Resources, putting sustainability at the heart of what we do.

We stand by the principles of sustainable development to provide the best porcine materials and pig co-products, harvested by the best people, while eliminating or reducing waste in our business.  

As part of this commitment, we strive to be the best stewards of our animals, using as much of the animal as possible by leveraging materials for use in products that improve and prolong human lives, as well as feed and advance the health and well-being of other animals. We ensure full utility of the animal by working in partnership with customers who utilize essential porcine materials and pig co-products across a variety of industries.    

It is estimated that humans directly consume only 62 percent of a pig. Learn how we think about the potential for the porcine materials and pig co-products across a variety of applications.


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Human Health

While the most recognized use of the pig is food consumption, pig co-products can also be used to create non-food products that are valuable to human health and sustainability. Examples include cosmetics, soaps, clothing, dietary supplements and pet products.

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Industrial And Consumer

Pig co-products are used for a broad range of industrial and consumer products. Their diverse use in adding value to household products and materials demonstrates the true sustainable value of the materials we can source from sows. Examples include leather, fertilizer, dyes, paint brushes, rubber and lubricants.

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Medical-grade porcine materials are used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals for cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as in devices and biomaterials used for healing wounds or replacing and repairing parts of organs. Examples include wound dressings, burn therapy and heart valve technologies. LEARN MORE.


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Companion Animal

Pig co-products can be used to provide nutritional value, enrichment and health to companion animals through the diets, treats and chews. Examples include dry kibble, wet diets, raw diets, supplements, pigskin chews and training treats.

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Pig co-products provide a great source of nutritional value, enrichment and health to wild animals. Sustainable resources in the form of enrichment items and materials for raw diets play a very important role within the zoological community. Examples include pork diet, chew toys, prey devices and training treats.

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Animal Health

Animals benefit from pig co-products through nutritional products. Pig co-products also aid in the treatment of ailments, prevent diseases and provide nutritional enhancements to animals in need. Examples include vaccines, feed additives, medicines and supplements.