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Who We Are

We create solutions that add value for our customers while improving environmental sustainability through responsible harvesting, porcine stewardship and reduction in the waste stream.

As part of Johnsonville, LLC, SSR is the largest supplier of sow co-products in the USA. We have a long history of working with and supplying high-quality porcine materials, and we understand their potential applications within numerous industries. We partner with each of our customers to design a process to provide reliable materials that meet their needs, delivered precisely to their requirements.




Create solutions that add value for our customers, contribute to human and animal welfare, and improve environmental sustainability through responsible porcine harvesting, stewardship and waste reduction.

We provide co-products to a number of industries, including, but not limited to:

Animal Health

Companion Animal

Human Health

Industrial and Consumer

Life Sciences (LEARN MORE by visiting the SSR Lifesciences website)

We are also committed to the humane treatment of animals and are firmly dedicated to reducing waste in animal harvesting. As stewards of these resources, we create sustainable solutions for our industry partners that benefit people, other animals and the earth.




Our success in providing you with high-quality porcine materials is based on five pillars or essential values that define who we are and what we do every day: